It is first of all to immortalize my travel memories that I discovered the world of photography. So 20 years ago I started my first courses in photography technique. Subsequently I tested several types of photographs and that’s how I had a crush, a revelation for me; the portrait! To be able to capture an original expression which is so personal to each person, this art has never ceased to amaze me for more than 5 years!

After having tried the studio portrait, I rather developed an interest for the photo outside the studio and especially for the boudoir because this style joins at the same time my photographic talent and my personal qualities. With contagious enthusiasm, good mood, respect and interpersonal skills, I quickly make people at ease in front of the camera whatever the situation.

I am a photographer with whom it is easy to communicate by being open and listening to people!

The outdoor fashion photo sessions that I propose are also part of my interest in capturing human expressions! I like this form of photography for the diversified character of the images obtained, it is stimulating as much for the photographer as for the model of the day.
Since my beginnings in portrait, I cumulate the theoretical and practical trainings in/out studio, the classic portrait and the boudoir as well as the photo editing. After hours of training and hundreds of photo shoots, I share with you this passion that animates me and I finally offer my services as a photographer.

My rates are very affordable because photography is my first passion!