Carlos - photographe boudoir et extérieurLeCapteur101 Photographie is me, Carlos Montero. Camera in hand and surrounded by light boxes. With my recognized professionalism, I seek to please through my photography and I’m often described as a passionate photographer! In short, I’m a photo confidant!

Although I practise photography through a variety of subjects, my photography over the last few years has been mainly female portraits. This conscious choice stems from my ability to communicate with women, to create a bond of trust with them, and to carry out projects in a spirit of collaboration and respect. This is also true in all spheres of my life! So, it’s natural for me to shoot almost exclusively portraits of women.

During my sessions, people say I’m committed to my work, and it’s true that I don’t hesitate to show it with my enthusiasm. I think this lifts the mood and makes collaborations more pleasant!


Experience and training

I’ve been practising the art of photography for nearly 30 years. First, to immortalize the memories of my travels. Then, several years later, I discovered portraiture and fell in love with it! So much so that I decided to make it my specialty! That’s when I created LeCapteur101 Photographie

In addition to the practical experience gained through several collaborations, it is hundreds of hours of training and further education that made me the photographer that I am today. Training acquired in lighting, studio and off-studio shooting, classic portraiture, specialized boudoir, and photo retouching. I have never ceased to cultivate this passion of mine: capturing human expression and sharing the result with the main person involved!

After many portrait sessions, I have developed a speciality mainly for boudoir, but I also practise outdoor and studio portraiture. I’m very well organized and I encourage a collaborative exchange where the client quickly feels very comfortable and confident, which always has a positive effect during photo shoots. As a result, she recognizes herself because she’s posing with her natural expression! And it’s all in good fun!

The kind words I’ve received and the gain of confidence after a photoshoot encourage me to continue offering my services with professionalism and enthusiasm.


Carlos Montero

LeCapteur101 Photographie