is to create beautiful images in an evocative context of femininity,
…but it is also for the enhancement that the photo shoot brings.

It is defined by a gain of confidence in itself, a moment of well-being, and softens the look that we carry on oneself. You are the only star of these moments reserved for you. The course of the session is not stressful; on the contrary, it just makes you happier.

LeCapteur101 Photographie offers you a mix balance of professionalism and sensitivity because capturing a person’s expressions in this context requires both technical and human qualities, work ethic, trust and empathy.

For the session, I bring suggestions, guide you, and adjust the lighting, after which I ask you to have fun and the shoot can start! Boudoir photography as I practice offers freedom that allows natural images of your most beautiful expressions. All women have the right to feel beautiful and attractive, and to have a memorable image.

The boudoir experience
is for everyone, yes everyone!

No need to be photogenic to try the experience.

And no comparison, each woman is different and unique expressing her own beauty and seductive side. It starts with a state of mind through the eyes. Each photo session is personalized according to your tastes. It’s your session, it’s created for you!

The relationship of trust is very important

I can assure you that respect always comes first; before, during and after the session.


An important step, we create a first bond of trust. Clear and precise explanations, answer to all your questions, discretion is essential and never any judgment will be carried.

If you are not ready now or are uncertain, take your time. It is a gift from you to you, and it is normal to choose it!


The day of the famous session arrived, a little nervous? Do not worry about it, but have fun and the rest will fall into place. We do not want to fake laughter, we get real!

At the beginning of the session we set the paperwork, take time to discuss, prepare the scene and the session begins!


We keep in touch until the delivery of the photos. I process the images and deliver the results in digital formats according to the conditions mentioned. The images are kept in a discrete and secured place.

Feel free to send me your questions and ideas, discretion is assured. I will be happy to answer to you. In the end, it is you who will benefit.

Feel free to share any questions and ideas

Discretion is guaranteed


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