because you want to enjoy a photographic experience in an evocative setting of femininity and self-esteem!

Set aside a moment just for yourself! Creating a boudoir responds to a personal need, to see yourself as you are today, to live a moment alone with yourself, expressing yourself without constraint at that given moment. Boudoir photography as I practise it offers a freedom that allows you to express yourself as you wish at that moment.

The boudoir experience is for everyone, no stereotypes, and no judgments! All physiques, all ages, and all nationalities, because every woman is unique, expressing her femininity in her own way. It’s a state of mind that expresses itself with each woman’s own personality, then translates into an expression: a smile, a look, a hand in the hair, a chosen posture… gestures that are often simple but highly personal and representative of the person. To highlight what makes you so charming, this photo session is personalized for you and respects your limits. It’s your session!

The advantages of choosing LeCapteur101 Photographie


Over the past 10 years I have carried out hundreds of boudoir sessions, I always offer a very professional and very human service: establishing and honoring a bond of trust, listening, and making you feel at ease!

During the same session, we can combine shoots with the room’s decor and against a black background, just like in a studio! A great way to get different and original renderings!

Give your imagination free rein to create your own session. Got an idea in mind? We’ll make it happen.

Boudoir sessions last 3 hours, which means you can shoot in different settings and with different outfits, giving you more photo choices. It also allows you to take full possession of your photo session!

Combining boudoir and fitness. If you’re an avid fitness enthusiast and want your portraits to include the intimate side of the boudoir while showcasing your efforts and fitness style, then this session is for you! What’s more, thanks to the superb black-background rendering included with the boudoir session, you’ll get photos with fitness poses just like in the studio!

It happens every time… It’s normal to laugh during the session so some portraits will be chosen to evoke joy… because of a fit of laughter!!!

The boudoir experience
is for everyone, yes everyone!

No need to be photogenic to try the experience.

And no comparison, each woman is different and unique expressing her own beauty and seductive side. It starts with a state of mind through the eyes. Each photo session is personalized according to your tastes. It’s your session, it’s created for you!

The relationship of trust is very important

I can assure you that respect always comes first; before, during and after the session.

How does a Boudoir session work?

You will bring 2 to 3 outfit for the shooting. Throughout the session, you’ll have access to the bathroom to store your personal belongings, change clothes, and get ready. When you arrive, you’ll get to know the place, and then we’ll take time to chat. I’ll listen to you and answer your questions. And if you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to say so. I’ll show you the photo ideas for the session and take note of your suggestions. We will realize many photos in differents setup to obtain differents results and interesting pictures.

Are you ready? Then we choose the starting pose, I adjust the lighting, I guide you to look your best, and then I ask you to have fun. It will be the case for each scenario.


An important step, we create a first bond of trust. Clear and precise explanations, answer to all your questions, discretion is essential and never any judgment will be carried.

If you are not ready now or are uncertain, take your time. It is a gift from you to you, and it is normal to choose it!


The day of the famous session arrived, a little nervous? Do not worry about it, but have fun and the rest will fall into place. We do not want to fake laughter, we get real!

At the beginning of the session we set the paperwork, take time to discuss, prepare the scene and the session begins!


We keep in touch until the delivery of the photos. I process the images and deliver the results in digital formats according to the conditions mentioned. The images are kept in a discrete and secured place.

Feel free to send me your questions and ideas, discretion is assured. I will be happy to answer to you. In the end, it is you who will benefit.

Feel free to share any questions and ideas

Discretion is guaranteed


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